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Yolanda Díaz resigns as leader of Sumar after the harsh results in the European elections


The second vice president and Minister of Labor of Spain, Yolanda Díaz, has resigned from the leadership of the left-wing Sumar party after her party’s disappointing results in the European elections.


“I feel that I have not done the things that I should have done and the things that I know how to do best. The citizens have perceived this. (…) We have to be there to solve the people’s problems, not the problems of the parties or the politicians. The last elections have served as a mirror, citizens are not wrong when they vote and they are not wrong if they decide not to vote.“Díaz said this Monday in a streaming appearance and without questions, before addressing the news of his resignation, adding:

I have decided to leave my position as general coordinator of Sumar; “There needs to be a debate and with this decision I open a path that must be collective, both within Sumar and in the organizations that are part of the coalition.”

Sumar took out this Sundayjust 3 seats in the European elections. Furthermore, Izquierda Unida, Díaz’s main partner on the left front, was left out of Parliament, while Podemos brought out two MEPs, reinforcing its weight.

A time of “reflection”

Shortly after the news broke on Sunday night, Díaz had already announced on the social platform “reflect” on results that “are not good.”

The Minister of Culture of the Government of Spain and spokesperson for Sumar, Ernest Urtusun, He also recognized this Sunday that the results were not as expected, that they transcended the European elections and that they opened a reflection process to reinforce the political project.

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