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Ilaria Salis achieves her immunity as an MEP and ends her detention in Hungary


Ilaria Salis has won a seat and will be an MEP in the EU Parliament with the Green Alliance – Left. Thanks to her parliamentary immunity, she will end her detention in Hungary, after 15 months of harsh imprisonment and subsequent confinement under house arrest.


The Italian citizen Ilaria Salis will be released from detention in Hungary thanks to her election as an MEP in the elections to the European Parliament.

The 40-year-old teacher passed 15 months in prison after being charged with aggravated assault and politically motivated criminal conspiracy for allegedly attacking far-right protesters during a neo-Nazi protest.

Salis always maintained her innocence, in a case that made international headlines and sparked outrage after the woman appeared in court in Hungary handcuffed and in chains.

“Beyond the results that will have to be confirmed, we can say with quite certainty that Ilaria Salis will be a member of the European Parliament and I believe she will be elected with an avalanche of votes,” said the national secretary of the Italian left, Nicola Fratoianni, on Sunday. at night after first projections.

After a public outcry, Rome summoned the Hungarian ambassador. On May 15, a Hungarian court upheld Salis’s appeal against placing him in preventive detention pending judgment. Finally Salis was transferred and held under house arrest.

Now the teacher has been elected by the party Green Alliance – Left and may be released thanks to the immunity enjoyed by MEPs.

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