Home News Hundreds of pets killed in terrifying fire at Chatuchak Thai market

Hundreds of pets killed in terrifying fire at Chatuchak Thai market


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The pet section of the Chatuchak market, also known as JJ, a place that has become a popular tourist attraction, has drawn criticism from wildlife organizations.


Hundreds of animals they were caged died on Tuesday in Bangkok, after the fire that devastated the popular Chatuchak weekend market, one of the most famous in the Thai capital.

The fire It struck early in the morning and quickly devastated more than 100 stores in the pet section of the market, according to local authorities.

It took members of the fire department who participated in extinguishing the flames approximately an hour to fully control the fire. There are no reports of human casualties, but Thai media indicate that the fire killed several hundred animalsamong them dogsfish, snakes, birds and rabbits, which remained locked in cages and inside the stores.

What was the cause of the Chatuchak market fire?

Bangkok Governor Chadchart Sittipunt, who visited the site after the fire was put out, said an investigation had been launched to clarify the causes of the fire. In the morning, officials could be seen on the ground, inspecting some stores that were burned or breaking metal fences to get the people out. animals that survived the fire.

A seller explained to local media that the fire originated in a store where they used to leave lights on. electric fans at nightso that the animals were comfortable and could better endure the stifling heat from Bangkok.

The authorities assure that they are still working to calculate the cost of damageand that the owners of the affected stores may request compensation.

Chatuchak’s extensive weekend market has become a popular tourist attractionwhich arouses the interest of visitors from all over the world who come to the place willing to explore its hundreds of shops and merchandise stallsranging from food and drink to clothing, furniture, plants, books and pets.

Las nature and animal defense organizations Some sellers have often been accused of participating in trafficking of rare species and threatened, such as turtles and birds.

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