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Explosion at Polish arms factory causes fire, kills employee


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On Monday, an explosion at the Mesko arms factory in the southeastern Polish town of Skarzysko-Kamienna sparked a fire and killed a 59-year-old worker.


A burst in an arms factory in Poland caused one dead and several injured. Local media reports that the explosion caused a fire and killed one on Monday. 59 year old worker in the weapon factory from the Polish city of Skarzysko-Kamienna.

Another employee was hospitalized after inhaling smoke, although his condition is not life-threatening, according to police. local authorities. “We had an explosion in the center of rocket fuelwhich was put into operation a few years ago,” said the plant’s president, Elzbieta Sreniawska.

Currently investigating the cause of the accident. The factory – owned by state group Polish Armaments Group- manufactures products defense, missiles anti-tank and ammunition armas light. Poland has lent a extensive military support for Ukrainewhich has caused a significant increase in production from many local weapons factories.

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